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The advantages of wire rope

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The advantages of wire rope

Wire rope consists of several strands of metal wire laid (twisted) into a helix. Initially wrought iron wires were used, but today steel is the main material used for wire ropes.

Steel  wire rope is widely used in various industries, building decoration, industrial production, transportation, fitness equipment, home life, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fish, etc,

The advantages of wire rope:

1, the wire rope can transmit the long distance load.

2, the bearing safety factor is large, and the use is safe and reliable.

3. The weight of self weight is light and easy to carry and transport.

4. It can withstand a variety of loads and variable loads.

5. It has high tensile strength, anti fatigue strength and impact toughness.

6. Under the condition of high speed working, the stability of wear-resisting, aseismic and operation is good.

7. The corrosion resistance is good, and it can work normally in the bad environment of various harmful medium.

8, good soft performance, suitable for traction, pull, bundling and many other uses.


Steel wire rope is a spiral wire tow twisted together with steel wire according to certain rules according to the requirements of mechanical properties and geometric size. The wire rope is made up of steel wire, rope core and grease. A wire rope is twisted into a strand of multiple layers of steel wire, and then a rope core, which is twisted into a spiral rope by a certain number of strands. In material handling machinery, for lifting, pulling, tightening and carrying

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